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Hi! My name is "Sydney". I was born on April 28th, 1998 in North Carolina. I'm an Australian Shepherd (or "Aussie" for short). If you would like to learn more about my breed, please visit some of my favorite "Aussie Links" below the links of myself.

Enjoy the pictures below of me by clicking on the page you wish to view!

Sydney's Scrapbook Page 1 - The first 3 months.

Sydney's Scrapbook Page 2 - (3 - 5 months).

Sydney's Scrapbook Page 3 - (1 Year +) Agility Training!

Sydney's Scrapbook Page 4 - More Sydney Pictures! (update 03/25/2002)

Below are the "Sydney approved" Aussie links. Here, you'll learn everything you wanted to know about my breed, but were afraid to ask!

Aussie Links

AKC: Australian Shepherd

USASA Aussie Home Page

Australian Shepherds or Aussies and Australian Shepherd Puppies.

Australian Shepherd Photo Page


Australian Shepherd Rescue Page

The Dog Patch

The Australian Shepherd - Home Page

Awsome Aussies - The Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd FAQs

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