Picture of me!Welcome to Steve.Seidel.Com! I use this web site to share my interests, hobbies and photos with family and friends. Feel free to tour this web site. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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This is where we live. Here is a picture of our dog, Sydney, on our front lawn. We have a 4 bedroom Colonial with more than an acre of land. We consider ourselves very lucky to live in a community where our neighbors are also good friends!

Home: This is the main page of my web site. This is the only page that should be bookmarked because all other URLs are likely to change as additional web space is needed.

About: This is the page you are currently viewing.

Current Events: My current events page is basically an on-line photo album of various family events, vacations, etc.

Shannon's Page: This web page is dedicated to my daughter, Shannon.

Sydney's Page: This web page is dedicated to our dog, Sydney. We have quite a few pictures of Sydney as a puppy. More pictures of Sydney in agility classes, etc. Also, this web page provides links to other valuable resources common to her breed (Australian Shepherd).

Frank's Page: This is a link to my late father's web page.

Kurt's Page: This is a link to my brother's web page.

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