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1997 Fishing Trip For a good laugh, take a look at our 1997 deep sea fishing trip.

2000 Fishing Trip Highlights of the 2000 deep sea fishing trip... Steve gets sea sick for the first time!


100hot.com - World's most popular links! This site contains links to the web's most popular sites in technology, entertainment, business, shopping, lifestyles, games, sports, news and more.

Interest.com - Rate Tracker (Hi Brian!) Are you thinking about buying a house? If so, you'll want to monitor the interest rates on a daily basis with the "Daily Mortgage News Report". This page discusses all of the economic events that have influenced the mortgage rates. Further, expected changes in future interest rates are discussed as well.

Pennsylvania Lottery Do you play the lottery in Pennsylvania? If so, this is one source to find the winning numbers.


The Dilbert Zone What day would be complete without a visit to "The Dilbert Zone"? If you work in an office you'll enjoy this type of humor. If you have a technical job and you work in an office, then a daily visit to the Dilbert Zone is required!

LaughWEB Another general purpose source of humor on the internet is "LaughWeb". The topics vary enough that there should be something for everyone at LaughWeb.

Movies.Com Do you want to see a review of the latest movies? Then try "Movies.com".

Movie Fone Are you wondering what time your favorite movie is playing? This site allows you to search by movie title, location, etc. for movie schedules. Further, you can download movie trailors, read movie reviews and more.

Weather / News:

Rain or Shine Rain or Shine is an excellent source for the weekly forcast. This site provides various types of radar maps, and displays nice animations for each day's forcast.

INTELLICAST: Allentown Weather MSNBC's Intellicast is another good source for weather forcasts. This site provides many of the same features as Rain or Shine. This particular link is for Allentown, PA weather, but other cities may be selected from here.

The Weather Channel Home Page Another source for weather forcasts is the "Weather Channel". This site seems a little less sophisticated than the others, but that doesn't mean their weather forcasts are less accurate.

CNN Interactive Whatever the topic, the source for daily news is "CNN". On the internet, CNN Interactive is a nice way to get up to the minute news for current events, world affairs, sports, stocks, etc.


ITA Software If you're looking for the best prices on airline tickets, try this link first!

DeLorme: CyberRouter If you're planning a trip and you don't have a map, then try DeLorme's CyberRouter. This web site will allow you to enter a starting location and destination. In return, CyberRouter plans an efficient route of travel for you, including listings of roads to take and maps of the areas you will follow.

Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service Another trip planning web site is Maps on Us. This site is similar to Delorme's CyberRouter execpt Maps on Us can provide street to street detail rather than city to city.

Map Blast Yet another trip planning web site...

Search Engines:

Alta Vista: Main Page Alta Vista is a good general purpose search engine. This search engine probably isn't the most accurate, but they have a very large database of web links to choose from.

Excite Home Excite is another one of my favorite search engines. For a more detailed list of search engines, try www.search.com

Google's Newsgroups (formerly Dejanews) If you can't find what you're looking for on the World Wide Web, then try your search on the newsgroups. Actually, Deja News is a Web based newsgroup reader. So, if you don't have access the the newsgroups in the traditional way, try it through the web.

Switchboard If you're interested in looking up an old friend, but you don't know where to begin, try "switchboard.com". By entering partial information (first name, last name, state, etc.) you can find address and phone numbers of people. It's scary how much information is readily available about us.

Shareware.com Find the latest shareware programs for both Mac and PC here. There are lots of nifty utilites and games to be downloaded from here.

Friend's Home Pages:

GlassDesigns Home Page If you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, visit the Glass Designs Home Page. This site is currently under construction, but soon should provide a full color catalog of the various merchandise they carry.

My friend Dave's Home Page Dave's page contains links to his favorite sites, his personal photo albums, etc. Dave is a champion of all things Microsoft. Likewise, his page demonstrates Microsoft's pre-fabricated web page designs.

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