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Shannon with Santa

Here's Shannon's first picture with Santa. After waiting patiently in a long line, Shannon's not very amused.

Colleen with Shannon

Colleen came for a visit to see Shannon just before Christmas!

Steve with Shannon

On Christmas morning, Daddy's reading a new book to Shannon... though, Shannon enjoys the new book, she wants to play with all of her new toys as well.

Shannon and Grace

Shannon and her cousin Grace are dressed in matching outfits for Christmas. They had lots of fun playing together and sharing their new toys.

Mattimore family

Here's the traditional Mattimore family picture.

Maureen with Shannon

Mommy and Shannon open another gift... surprise... it's another toy!

Maureen with Shannon

Here's Shannon with her Mom and Dad posing for a picture.

Maureen with Shannon

It's so much fun learning how to play with new toys...

Maureen with Shannon

Here's Maureen, Shannon and "Me-ma".

Steve with his Pop

Later we had a Christmas celebration at Lisa and Ed's. Dad was well enough to visit for a while, but not feeling that great yet.

Lisa and Kelly

Here's Lisa and Kelly sharing a warm family moment on Christmas day!

Kurt and Trent

Here's Kurt and Trent enjoying a little Father and Son family time.

Brielle with Grandma

Here's Brielle with Grandma.

Our family

Here's another picture of myself, Maureen, Shannon and Sydney.

Our family

More family pictures...

Opening presents

Everyone has fun opeing presents after dinner...

Opening presents

...more of the same...

Katie, Mike and Jane

Here's Katie, Mike and Jane. "Uncle" Mike's the goofey one in the middle... ;-)

Seidel group picture

Here's the traditional Seidel group photo.

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