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Maureen's Cousin Reunion 2002

Jerry and Colby

Here's Jerry playing with Colby, along with the hosts of the party, Gail and Jeff.

Me and Andrew

Andrew and I are sharing thoughts about how excited we were to be there!

Lori Shower

...Little did we know, but this reunion was also used as a surprise baby shower for Laurie!

The Nunes

The Nunes were enjoying the day with family, friends and food!


All of the children watched and even helped Laurie open gifts...


Here's a group picture of the cousins that were able to attend. From left to right: Dave, Laurie, Mark, Colleen, Maureen, Keith and Gail. Absent from this picture were Greg, Kevin, Chris and Michelle.

Group Shot

Here's a group shot of everyone but me!

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