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Easter 2002

Well, you have to love advances in technology. Thanks to the instantaneous gratification of digital cameras, and the ease of use of the Macintosh, I've posted this year's holiday pictures on the same day as the event. Enjoy!

Mattimore Family

Here's a group picture of the Mattimore family.


Colleen, Anna and Maureen posing for a group picture...

Sydney and Jersey

Here's Sydney with her new cousin, Jersey - a Golden Retriever puppy!

Deven and Dakota

Deven and Dakota are on the hunt for Easter Eggs!


It looks like Dakota found another...

Dakota with an Egg

Aunt Maureen, if I drop this one, will it make a mess like last year?


Brielle isn't to young to get into the action...

More Sydney and Jersey

Here's another shot of Syndey and Jersey playing together...

Brielle and Kurt

Here's a bouncing baby girl on her father's lap...

Dakota and Grandma

Here's another picture of Dakota playing with her Grandma!

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