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Christmas 2002

Note: All of the photos on this page were taken with my new digital camera. Theses images are obviously scaled down versions of the original. If anyone would like a copy of the full size image (to have printed, etc.), let me know!

Sydney with gift!

Here's Sydney with her new squeaker Santa toy!

Maris and Michael

Maris and Michael enjoying Christmas at the Mattimores.

Deven and Kevin

Niece Deven, sitting on Santa... err a Uncle Kevin's lap!

Deven opening gift

Here's Deven opening her gift from her Uncle Steve and Aunt Maureen!

Colleen handing out gifts

As always, Colleen is doing her job handing out the gifts. Meanwhile, Deven and Andrew are anxious with anticipation of their next gift.

Anna opening gifts

Here's a picture of Anna opening a gift from us.

Maureen opening gifts

Here's Maureen with a stack of gifts!

Sydney with another toy

Here's Sydney with yet another Santa "squeaker" toy, thanks to her "Mema and "Papa"!


Here's Max in his best Christmas pose...

Andrew with cloths

I wonder what Andrew's thinking here... Great! Clothes!! Just what I always wanted!

Andrew and Mo

Here's nephew Andrew with his Aunt Maureen.

Group Photo

Here's a group photo of the Mattimore family.

Steve and Maureen

Here's Steve and Maureen in front of the Mattimore's Christmas tree.

Kurt's house

Here's Christmas at the Seidel's (Kurt's house).

Grandma and Brielle

Here's Mom enjoying her granddaughter, Brielle.

Mo and Trent

Here's Aunt Maureen and her newest nephew, Trent!

Maureen opening gifts

Here's Grizzly Adams (I mean Mike) and his mom, Jane.

Gift from Steve

Each year, the Connors look forward from to receiving their gift from me...

toilet paper

... This year, it's a roll of Fat Bastard toilet paper! I'll bet they can't wait 'til next year!

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