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Christmas 2001

The Nunes family enjoying Christmas Eve at the Mattiomore's...

Maureen enjoying dessert with Sydney hoping for a taste!

Things are progessing well for Kevin. This gift is a follow up to last year's "Idiot's guide to dating". Kevin thinks next year's gift will be the "Idiot's guide to sex"!

Good Ol' Sydney is behaving herself while others open gifts...

It's official, Michael is part of the family now that he has his custom knit stocking from Audrey.

As always, Colleen is performing her duties as the official gift server.

Christy enjoying Christmas at our house!

Dakota and Christy - Cousins and best friends!

Brielle enjoys her first Christmas!

The chaos of everyone opening gifts at the same time!

The honorable Mike Connor, Mayor of Pendel, looks on as his gift is presented to him. His only thoughts are, "I hope it's not another block of cheese!"

Group Picture!

This is a group picture of Christmas at our house this year!

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