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Shannon's birth pictures

Shannon's birth statistics:

Born: April 9, 2003 8:27am
Length: 20.5 inches
Weigth: 8 lbs. 9 oz.

Maureen holding Shannon

Here's a picture of Maureen holding Shannon immediately after her birth.

Mom, Dad and Shannon

Here's a picture of two proud parents, after about 30 hours without sleep!

Mom, Dad and Shannon

Here's "Dad" counting fingers and toes...

Suzanne, Maureen and Shannon

Here's Suzanne with Maureen and Shannon...

Colleen and sisters

Here's Colleen after surgery with the support of her sisters.

Aunt Leigh

Here's "Aunt Leigh" with her new niece.

Jon holding Shannon

Here's Jon welcoming Shannon to the family!

Maureen, Colleen and Shannon

Here's Colleen just waking up from her surgery, holding Shannon.

Shannon - day 1

Here's Shannon on her first day in the new world. She had a few skin rashes that have cleared up nicely since this photo.

Steve holding Shannon

Here's "Dad" holding his new baby girl!

Cynthia holding Shannon

Here's "Aunt Cynthia" holding her new niece.

Shannon and Cousin Luke

Here's "Katy B" holding Shannon with Suzanne and cousin Luke.

Christina holding Shannon

Here's "Aunt Christina" consoling her neice, Shannon.

Colleen and Jessica

Here's Colleen with her friend Jessica (holding Shannon). Jessica made an 8 hour drive to be with Colleen for the day.

Dr. Sigmon

Here's Colleen with Dr. Sigmon. Dr. Sigmon performed the C-Section surgery to deliver Shannon.

Steve holding Shannon

Here I am back at the cottage, resting with Shannon after we came home from the hospital.


Here's a close up picture of Shannon, 1 week after her birth.

Suzanne holding Shannon

Here's a picture of Suzanne holding Shannon back at the cottage.

Mema and Papa holding Shannon

Here's a picture of two proud grandparents, Mema and Papa, after arriving at the cottage to help us.

Papa feeding Shannon

Here's a picture of "Papa" feeding Shannon.

Aunt Emily with Shannon

Finally, here's a picture with "Aunt Emily" holding Shannon!

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