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Shannon's pictures - Easter / Birthday 2004

Family Picture

Here's a more up to date family picture...

Shannon with cup

Shannon likes to walk and drink from her sippy cup. She's a big girl now, no more pacifiers, formula or drinking from a bottle.

Shannon with big smile

Shannon's smiles are so big...

Shannon with big rabbit

Shannon admires a very large stuffed rabbit as part of her Easter decorations.

Shannon with more smiles

Here's another happy Shannon picture.

Shannon in play house

Shannon explores her new play house with her friend Ryley.

Shannon in playhouse window

Shannon likes to play "peek a boo" as she opens the shutters and surpises everyone!

Easter egg hunt

Shannon starts her Easter egg hunt...

Easter egg hunt

Shannon and her cousins enjoying looking for Easter eggs...

Shannon and Grace

Here's Aunt Colleen with Shannon, cousins Grace and Andrew.

Grandma and Shannon

Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa visit during the week. Here's Grandma reading a book to Shannon.

Birthday cake

Maureen worked hard to make the perfect "Bear" cake for Shannon's birthday.

Opening gifts

Shannon has fun opening presents with a little help from her cousins...

Opening gifts

More birthday fun...

Singing happy birthday

Daddy holds Shannon as everybody sings "Happy Birthday" to her. We hope all of Shannon's wishes come true!

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