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Shannon's pictures - First month

Aunt Sharon with Shannon

Now that we're back home, our next door neighbor, "Aunt Sharon" gets to take her turn with Shannon. This baby has so many people to love her already!

Uncle Kevin with Shannon

Our first day home, Uncle Kevin can be seen feeding baby Shannon...

Kurt and cousins

Of course, Uncle Kurt gets his chance to be a baby hog! Shannon's cousins, Dakota and Brielle (front) were so happy to welcome their new cousin to the family!

Aunt Robbin with Shannon

Here's Aunt Robbin with "Shenanigans"! Now, Aunt Robbin claims she doesn't remember giving Shannon that nickname.... sure Aunt Robbin...

We're home!

Here we are with my brother's family in front of Shannon's welcome home sign...

We're home!

Here's a closer picture of just the three of us.

Bobbie, Shannon and Christy!

Bobbie, Shannon and Kristy!

Jan and Shannon!

Maureen's teacher friend, Jan, with Shannon.

Nancy and Shannon!

Here's our neighbor, Nancy, with Shannon. The support from our friends, family and neighbors has been incredible. Everybody is so happy to welcome Shannon into their lives.

Visser Boys!

Our friends Kurt and Jackie came to visit for dinner one night. Here's Kurt and the boys!

Bobbie, Shannon and Christy!

Here's a picture of Bob and Jan with Shannon. I apologize in advance for not posting pictures of everyone that has come to visit.


Here's Erin holding Shannon.

Didi, Mo and Shannon!

Here's Didi holding Shannon with Maureen.

Grace and Shannon!

Here's our newest niece, Grace, with Shannon! They're very close in age and I'm sure they'll be the best of friends growing up!

Grace and Shannon!

They were so cute together, I had to take another picture.

Moms and babies!

Two proud mothers with two happy babies!

Grandma and Shannon!

Here's Grandma, back from vacation with Shannon! Poor Sydney's feelings are hurt as she's not getting the attention from Grandma that she's used to.

Grandpa and Shannon!

Here's Grandpa, also back from vacation, feeding Shannon and bonding with her!

Karavitch family!

Here are our good friends and neighbors, Steve and Linda, with their "little ones". Shannon already has so many friends!

Uncle Mike with Shannon!

Here's "Mema" Audrey with "Uncle" Mike holding Shannon. Uncle Mike shares the same birthday as Shannon! This picture was from Kurt's surprise (40th) birthday party./P>

Aunt Lisa with Shannon!

Here my sister, Aunt Lisa with Shannon.

Aunt Jane with Shannon!

Here's Aunt Jane with Shannon.

Mommy with Shannon!

Here's Shannon with her Mommy. There's a happy baby and a happy mommy on Mother's Day!

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