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Our Trip to the Florida Keys (2001)

Trip to the Florida Keys 2001

View from the Condo

This is the view we had from our condo...

Audrey in the pool

Here's proof that Audrey was in the pool...

Maureen and Jerry

Maureen and Jerry waiting for the elevator...

Feeding the Tarpon

Feeding the Tarpon at the Florida Keys...


Here's "Boss", a Border Collie pup keeping the Pelicans away while we fed the Tarpon. Boss was more fun to watch then the fish!

Aboard the conchtrain!

Here we are aboard the famous "Conch Train #97" in Key West.

Sloppy Joe's!

Here we are enjoying a few drinks and listening to the band play at Sloppy Joe's in Key West!

Beautiful Sunsets!

It's nice to take a break from the cold weather and take a trip south to enjoy a sunset like this in January!

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