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Christmas 2000

Here's a picture of Sydney getting affectionate with her "Papa"!

Maureen and Colleen enjoying the holiday together.

Deven and her Uncle Kevin.

Enjoying Christmas with the Mattimore family.

Andrew and his "Papa". This is what Christmas is all about!

Kevin and his favorite Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon!

Amongst all of the confusion, Sydney is content to chew a treat!

Another gag gift for Kevin! There seems to be on member of every family that fills this role!

Some dating advice for Kev...

Here's a picture of the Mattimore Christmas Tree.

Here's the traditional Mattimore family Christmas picture. (Blood Members Only!)

Of course, this is followed by the token picture of the "outcasts".

Michael and Colleen enjoying their first Christmas together!

Kevin and Dakota playing together...

Here's a picture of Kristy and Dakota (cousins) together!

Maureen, Jane and Mike... Just before Mike and Jane open their wonderful gift from us!

Just what they've always wanted... a talking fish!

Dakota with her Aunt Maureen.

Kelly and Lisa at Christmas!

Linda's a bit confused over the rules for the Round Robin gift game that we play each year...

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